Recap of Auto Assault Meet & Greet

[update:  I found a link to the Denver Business Journal article posted online. Nice.] 

Ten Ton Hammer posted a recap of the Auto Assault meet & greet held near the home of NetDevil last week.  She talks about several discussions with various members of the team, as well as showing off some photos of the event.  My favorite is the top secret post-launch plans revealed on their whiteboard.  Good stuff.  If you're in the area, you can find a front-page article in the Denver Business Journal interviewing Scott.  I haven't found it online yet, but maybe they'll post it on their site soon-ish.

It was pretty sweet for me to see such a great turnout for them.  They're my friends from several years of gatherings after the monthly Colorado Game Developers Association meetings, of which I've been a part of since something like 1996 or so.  I first met Scott Brown and Ryan Seabury at NetDevil back when they were in beta development on Jumpgate.  It's so much fun to watch their company grow and improve to the levels that they're at now.  Very cool to see Colorado's companies succeed.  There are several other great projects going on around here and I look forward to our game development community growing even more.

I met several of the development team at the event and everyone looked rather healthy.  I'm sure they're tired, but they were very chipper about the occasion and all of them mentioned their excitement about how many people showed up to the party.  It was really nice.  Thanks NetDevil and NCsoft for putting together the event.