Auto Assault Online TCG contests & open beta

The Auto Assault Online Trading Card Game is now open for public beta testing.  You can go sign up to play the game and play for chances to win copies of the Auto Assault MMO game.  Nice.

My car could really use an "auto-repairing hood ornament", but I'm not sure it will really work, considering the massive issues my vehicle already has.  Either way, I'll have to see if I can win one.  Here's a blurb from the full press release:

Starting April 7th, testers will be able to participate in free daily tournaments to win free copies of the Auto Assault massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, which launches commercial service on April 13. From April 10th through April 12th, the prize pool will expand to include copies of the Auto Assault MMO Limited Edition package. The grand prize for the final test tournament on April 12th will be an exclusive Hood Ornament for the MMO - Fist of Vengeance (Auto-Repairing Ornament Mk II, +24 Hit Points)!

The Auto Assault TCG will launch the weekend of April 15th with a series of release tournaments that feature exclusive promo cards for all participants!

The Auto Assault TCG will hold monthly tournaments that feature prizes of exclusive gear for the MMO, as well as a robust, organized play system in its own right. Check in at for upcoming news about the Auto Assault TCG World Championships at Gen Con (featuring a $5,000 prize pool!) and The Road to Gen Con monthly qualifiers.