Auto Assault gold

The good folks at NetDevil are getting nearer to the launch of Auto Assault.  The game has been announced to have "gone gold", which really means there's a final CD being pressed as we speak, but you know how these fancy online games are... you can expect a patch to download when you log in with your freshly-pressed CD.  You'll be able to pick up a copy on shelves around April 13th, but why don't you help both of us out now and go buy a preorder of AA now?!?  You'll get some exclusive in-game loot as well as access to the game 4 days before launch for the rest of the bums who didn't follow my link and buy it early.

 I got to briefly play the game before I went off to GDC, but I didn't get my fill yet.  I hope to play it more soon.  It's looking pretty sweet.  If you're heading to their meet & greet, maybe I'll see you there.  I'm looking forward to hanging out with the NetDevil folks when they're not totally stressed out and over-worked!  I'm sure they'll be plenty tired, but maybe going gold helps to ease some stress.