Submitting stories to the new

I'm working on getting things settled around here. The new system rocks for the most part, but it's still begging to be populated with goodies. I've been away for over a week at the Game Developers Conference, which fired me up real nice. I get a lot out of that show every year and this year I have some new ideas about where to take moving forward.

For now, I wanted to post up front about how you can get your two bits in. There is a lot of mail that flows into my 'puter and I just don't have time to get through it all. I want to remedy that as much as I can, but it't not easy to do. What I want to try for a while is to open up the floor to some news posts from you folks. Read more to find out how...

If you would like to send in news for review (yes, I'll be reviewing it all, just to be sure I'm not getting spammed and such), you'll first need to sign up for a new account. If you have an account on the old forums, it isn't currently going to work in here. I am working on getting those member accounts moved over, but I honestly don't know if it will happen. I want to give existing members first rights to their old forum nicks, so I'll try to be wary of that. For now, if you have an existing forum identity that you want to be sure to hang onto, sign up to the new system and drop me a note saying you're coming back into the fold... I'll cross-check accounts to make sure you get your old name reserved.

At any rate, the big issue is posting news stories for my review. Please read a bit of the info at the top of the page when you are submitting content (when you log in, you'll get a "create content" option on your user menu) for some guidelines about what I'd like to see. I don't expect everyone to do all the work for me, but if you send in a news post like "Dood! World of Warcraft just patched! It r0x0rz!!!!! Check it out, yo!!1!!"... well, you might not get much more than a delete keypress from me.

Please be wary of a "nice" attitude and "family friendly" atmosphere.. whatever that means. I want to avoid all-out defamation and cruelty, but I'm not completely avoiding controversy. Just write well and I'll consider your posts. Of course, EVERYTHING is subject to editing and revision before posting, so if you think that's bad, then don't post it.

Okay, enough blabbing. If you wanna post some news or a product development announcement, the first step is signing on with an account. Please be patient with me as I get comfortable with a decent process of review and such, but I hope to get things rolling smoothly.

Thanks again (and again) for visiting! Please come back soon and bring friends.

Paul Hoza