Quiet around here...

... don't worry, I haven't fallen into a stupor or gotten lost in the woods.  I'm just freakin' swamped with work right now.  I have a major deadline coming up making some games for a client, so I'll get a breather soon.  I'll still have a ton of work to do in December, but it ought to be a slight tad more sane than things have been for the past several weeks.

Thanks for dropping in... sorry about the slow posts around here.  It's great to have so many folks stopping by so I hate to leave you hanging.  If you have quality news to report, sign up for an account and post your story for my review.  Make sure to read the guidelines on posting and help me out by writing good stuff... yeah, I am the judge of "good", but just be wary that I don't have time to rewrite things now so if you write sloppy crap, it will likely just get ditched.

 No promises that I'll post your news, but I appreciate the help if you want to give it!  :)