New site coming online... well, now, I guess

I hadn't planned on throwing this thing in the air so abruptly, but "oh well," I figure, "may as well get it running ASAP instead of dragging it along for another few years, eh?" That's me having a conversation with myself there, in case you missed what was happening.

Sorry about the mess, but maybe it will be "fun" for some of you to watch as this thing takes shape? Obviously, features will be coming online (and going offline) as I get used to the new digs, but overall, this will hopefully be a MUCH better system. Mainly, I'm looking forward to having it be more condusive to quick updates by myself, as well as maybe a few carefully selected drones.

If you're looking for the old content, here's what you're looking for: (it's all in the forums, actually, as I was using them to post news and such, which was displayed on the front page)
• Old "general news" posts
• Discussion Forums
• Old home page

Well, that ought to get us started, without too much disorientation. If you feel really lost, just go back to the old home page and suckle on your thumb for a bit. When you start to look around wondering "where'd everybody go?", just come on back.

Again, THANK YOU for coming by!! I'm very appreciative of your support. I hope to be more functional and complete as the days progress.

Best Regards,
Paul Hoza