Samantha Ryan interview on

The ladies over at Killer Betties have been sending me news for a little while now... I'm sorry to have been lax in adding those bits to this site, but it's only fair, since I have been neglecting ALL the news stories coming in! I like what I've seen over there so far and I have been wanting to give them a little traffic boost as they get off the ground (site appears fairly new). If nothing else, a little Google page rank help can't be all bad, eh? Keep it up ladies. :)

Aaanyway... Killer Betties is a self-proclaimed "Entertainment Magazine for Women", but since I'm not much of a woman, (aside for the usual repressed parts), I couldn't say if it fulfills that mission statement or not...

I told you that to tell you this: they have an interview with Samantha Ryan, who is the President/CEO of Monolith. Nice get. The interview focuses mostly on introductions and the topic of female roles in game development and asks various questions to that regard. I'd try better to summarize, but this post was mostly just to get you to run over there and support their site... so get movin'! This article is said to be the start of a series about women in game development. I'll be reading those articles, so I thought some of you might want to as well.