World of Warcraft Performance Guide --

AnandTech ( has posted a great guide for getting the best performance out of your system for World of Warcraft. As is their way, they have a ton of great benchmarks for different video cards (a couple key parts were left out, but they discuss how to read the results relevent to those cards). There are some nice screenshot comparisons and discussion of how to adjust various detail levels to get the best quality/performance ratios for your particular setup. I dig that site, fer sher. Here's a clip:
Much to our surprise, performance was fairly balanced between ATI and NVIDIA at similar product points. The GeForce 6800 Ultra performed very similarly to the Radeon X850 XT, as did the 6800GT and the X800 XL. The major exception being the 6600GT vs. the X700 Pro, where the 6600GT offers significantly better performance.
Here's the link to the WoW Performance Guide.