World of Warcraft 14-day demo on PC Gamer disc

Word on the street -- well, on the MMORPC mail list -- is that the September 2005 PC Gamer magazine disc includes the full client for World of Warcraft.  The version is said to be at 1.4, so there will be maybe 70MB of downloads to patch it up to current.  This is a great chance for folks to try out the game if you haven't wanted to shell out the dough for the box at your preferred retail establishment.  This will be a fairly limited 14-day account, but still a great introduction to the game.  The limitations don't appear to me to cause much trouble in terms of a demo, but include 10 gold limit, level 20 cap and no access to the Auction House, to name a few.  Not too bad.

Make sure you have a DVD drive in that new-fangled computer machine box of yours.  With all that space to fill, they've also dropped on the disc a demo of Dungeon Siege II.  That's nice.