Shot Online realtime golf game launches

Well, I really came close to my first goofy headline like "Shot Online tees off" or "Shot Online tee time", etc... I don't play golf much, so my lingo vocabulary just wouldn't allow me to venture any further into that unknown territory. I'm sure you're happy about that.

At any rate, the news is that OnGameNet has launched their very intriguing Shot Online realtime online golf game! Very cool. I've seen discussion of this elsewhere, notably on Penny Arcade.. but that's not the link to their comments... whooo no, I'm not that efficient (couldn't find it). However, here's a page on the OnGameNet site with bits of news and quotes, including some P-A comments that I'm alluding to.

Yummy quote of the day for all you cheapskates out there: "While these online games are commercialised, they will still remain free to play, only requiring a small payment if you wish to purchase special items in the game." The "these games" bit is addressed in the following release, but it alludes to their upcoming Cartoon Racer game and the successful Ragnarok Online.

I'm still workin' on getting in there to try it out, but innovative games like these need immediate and enthusiastic support... after all, you'll be the ones to decide what ya think of them anyway. Just get over there to see what it's all about. You can also read more here to see the full press release...


OnGameNet Launches Shot Online

Australia, July 14th, 2005 - OnGameNet Pty Ltd today announced the commercialisation of Shot Online (Online RPG Golf Game)

OnGameNet are glad to announce the launch of Shot Online in Oceania and connecting it with the International Shot Online Service. Shot Online is an Online RPG golf game with innovative systems, capturing the swings and motions of professional golfers and applying them directly into the game itself. Shot Online also offers real ball movements that are greatly influenced by all kinds of natural factors and environments. These features, combined with a simple and easy to use interface, make the game great for golf enthusiasts, and easy to learn for those new to the game!

Cartoon Racer has been in beta testing for a month now. It is also due to be commercialised soon. The commercial version will come with major updates to the game including, options to customise your car, emoticons, extra race tracks and exciting new cars to choose from.

While these online games are commercialised, they will still remain free to play, only requiring a small payment if you wish to purchase special items in the game.

"OnGameNet have been expanding since the launch of Ragnarok Online just over a year ago now, with new online games and large updates for the new and previous games coming", states Andrew Wang, Marketing Manager of OnGameNet. "We are very excited that Australia and New Zealand players can now start to experience how Online Gaming is meant to be enjoyed, with fast connections, a large local community, better customer service and much easier payments".

OnGameNet is currently in the process of negotiations with other game companies, to complete a contract with hosting more Online Games in Oceania. Shot Online and Cartoon Racer are available to play. For more information about OnGameNet Games please visit the official website at