My Druid is interesting again!

World of Warcraft version 1.8 has gone live and brings with it, much Druid love.  I try to avoid talking about stuff like this too much around here, since it's even more focus on a game whose huge-ness is plenty huge on its own.   I prefer talking about the smaller games and communities more, which I'll get back to soon... for now, I have to say that my Druid will get a visit from me tonight!

 Not THAT kind of visit, pervert!  I'm talking about a glass of scotch and a cigar.. that type of visit.  Well, there will be killing of beasts, too, no doubt.  That goes without saying.

 At any rate, I am VERY stoked to give the other talent trees a whirl besides restoration.  If you're a Druid pre-1.8, or any of the guilds who recruited Druids to be heal-bots, you know what I'm saying when I allude to the fervor that will soon surround our beloved class.  There are a lot of folks who will be crying "foul" at the loss of such a huge number of healing 'toons to the very alluring world of feral exploits. 

 However, what do you expect??  We chose this class due to the flexibility of it and the (gasp) shapeshifting is a big part of that.  Now that the one tree I wanted to adopt all along has become viable, you have to understand my desire to re-spec.  I may come back to healing later, but Innervate will have to wait.  I want to scratch and claw and bite, baby! 

Okay... enough of that blabbery.  I'll get off this microphone so you can get back to your day.