Dungeons & Dragons Online stress test


Turbine's running a stress test of Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach.  It's a quick one, so get over there now if you're interested so you have the client yoinked to be ready to play.  Also, remember this isn't a "demo" but a "stress test", which my memory is urging me to recall irritating stress events of other games in the past... it might really suck if their servers have a seizure.  That's not stopping me from trying it out, mind you.  I just want to raise the issue.

[update/edit: The test is actually live now.. you don't have to wait 'til Friday like I had been reading.  I just logged out from a bit of hacking and it's pretty fun!  I'm anxious to spend more time in there.  I really dig the DM narration as you move through dungeons.  I got a bit giddy remembering old D&D sessions with the DM trying to set the mood or point out stuff you needed to check out.  It feels pretty good to me so far.]