Asheron's Call Throne of Destiny open preview starts today

I've said it before and here I go again... I'm really itchin' to play Asheron's Call - Throne of Destiny bad! More accurately, I've really been jonesing to go back and play AC1 in any form since I had a lot of time in the early days of that game and I like it a lot. The upcoming expansion (set to launch July 18) sports a new graphics engine, heavily updated art and textures, new quests, a new playable race, new geography to explore, new this, new that, more of other non-new stuff, etc. Me wanna play!

Well.. the wait to try it out is nearing its end for me... roughly 50 minutes to the start of the FilePlanet Asheron's Call: Throne of Destiny Open Preview client download. I don't pay for FP so I have to wait along with all the other cheapskates.

So, I am giddy and finding it hard to concentrate on getting work done today as I wait anxiously for that little download meter to start crankin' along! Good thing is, my Comcast cable connection treated me right yesterday as I was downloading the F.E.A.R. multiplayer beta from the same source at over 4Mbps!! (!!!) Yummy. That's the kind of speeds that make you think you're a part of modern technology (for those of us who don't live in a dorm room with T1 connections coming out of our walls, anyway!)

Aaanyway.. I'll post another note when I get this sucker fired up! Yay!