Game Developers Conference coming up

I'll be heading out on my annual migration to the Game Developers Conference coming up next week. The conference has long since passed the "optional" stage for me and is several years into "no way in hell I'm missing that!" I honestly get giddy every year when I prepare for the trip and I am energized for months afterward.

You see, I'm also a game developer so I drag on all sorts of great tutorials and sessions covering various game design and creation goodies. For instance, this year has something that sounds flat sexy... yeah, it makes me randy... the "Vision Track"... I'm primarily a game designer and the notion of a set of sessions and keynotes focused squarely on looking at the future of games... yum. Peter Molyneaux, Will Wright, Satoru Iwata san... oh my. That's just a few of the incredible folks who will spill their brain pans out, and I plan to be there with a mop and a bucket to slop up as much of that gooey goodness as I can.