Colorado game developer goodness

I'm a long-time (eek.. 12 or more years by now!) member of a game developer group in Denver, Colorado known as the Colorado Game Developers Association.  I've been told we're the longest-running group of its kind in the country and possibly the world... that's nutty.  We recently got a great opportunity to hang out with Jason Della Rocca (blog) from the IGDA (International Game Developer Association) and our members took advantage of some great sessions put on by Jason and Dan "Shoe" Hsu from Electronic Gaming Monthly.  Go check out our group's website to see an overview of the weekend... cool stuff.

 I mainly told you that just to brag about a great event for us that really showed a nice view of what's going on in Denver and the surrounding areas.  We have a lot of eager students from the various universities and colleges in the region, as well as many trade schools and even high schools who have an interest in game development. 

On the professional side of things, there are quite a few successful Colorado game developers represented in our group... seems like we keep finding out about more.  If all goes well, we'll be building on the past and future successes to continue the growth of game development in the region.

Well... enough of my blathering on the subject, I guess.  I'm just proud of my little group getting some more national (and international) coverage.  Cool beans.