"Starpeace" free world has been reset

Got this news a while back and just dropped the ball... here's info from Darren Robertson (aka "puggy"), a developer (the developer?) of Starpeace.  I like helping little projects get traffic, so here ya go.  Here's a blurb Darren dropped about what's going on:

Zyrane, the Starpeace free world, has been reset. Zyrane has been running since march and has seen quite a few players. Initially run on my home server, in October it was moved to a dedicated server for better speed. The world can be accessed by running the "starpeace free" client which is ad supported.

Subscribers have access to more worlds using a non-ad client and there's a 7 day free trial for new users. www.starpeace2.com Darren Robertson (aka puggy) Starpeace Developer

Good luck, guys!