Oz World

Here's a brief tip about a game called Oz World.  I know nothing about it, so proceed at your own risk, but it does look rather interesting at first glance.  The front page of their site makes it look like a dating/hook-up kind of thing, but I think the game in there is worth a look.  Let me know if you folks try it and enjoy it!  Thanks mystral for this choppy description:

The game story is somewhat typical of the role-playing genre in that you control a character on fishing missions to level up, and during leveling up, your avatar can fish in style by changing stylish clothes and rooms to find your new love. You put together a party of 6 to gain levels faster, and socializing with new characters along the way. This is a very directed experience in many ways.

Yes, you have three-dimensional characters against a three-dimensional backdrop. Wonderful game to play. http://oz.ongameport.com/ Enjoy it.

Not sure how much that makes sense (to me, at least) but maybe it will spur some of you over there to see what's danglin' on their vine.  Sure sounds like a dating game of sorts... good luck if you're after your dream date and you find him/her from a tip at MassMOG.com!  LOL.