Shadowbane: Throne of Oblivion expansion

Since this press blurb is efficient enough, I won't bother you with my ramblings on the subject:

"The Ubisoft Store is pleased to announce that Shadowbane: Throne of Oblivion™ is now available for only $19.99! If you do not own the original version of Shadowbane® or The Rise of Chaos expansion pack, worry not, for the Throne of Oblivion will include both for free. Those who create new accounts with this purchase will receive 31 days of free gameplay. Furthermore, you will be able to purchase and download Throne of Oblivion online while the boxed version will contain Shadowbane, Rise of Chaos, and Throne of Oblivion on it. To commemorate this occasion we are releasing new screenshots, plus the box art for your enjoyment!"