Let's seal up this vault, eh?

 Hello and thank you for visiting!

As you can see if you're an actual person and not a spammer twit, this place hasn't been updated in a LONG while.  I've neglected it wholly.. and the spammers are the main ones who figured that out.

So, let's just shut this place down, shall we?  Yes. Yes, we shall.

I'm going to just say a quick "thank you" to everyone who supported the site as it was for a long while during the early heyday of massively multiplayer online (role playing) games.  Back when Everquest, Asheron's Call and Ultima Online were the main players (yeah, there were TONS of text MUDs and other multiplayer games out at the time, but I was honestly not drawn in by them... for me it was Asheron's Call that done pulled me in.)

The site's been around for a long while, but I just need to shut the door to the hacking and spamming traffic so I can focus on other stuff.  If I revive this site, it needs to be re-built, so the best thing to do with this version is to just lock it up.  I'm going to shut it down as "live" site and archive it into old-school flat files, so bye-bye spammers!  Won't be anything for you to screw around with anymore. Ha!  I... win?

Anyway, thanks again for hopping in.   I'm going to put all the articles I wrote into a giant stream of words, simply sorted by date posted, starting with this post and going back to the beginning (of this version, anyway.  There were others before it, but not sure if their posts made it in here or not... it was a long while ago, Sonny. Get off my lawn! *ahem*... sorry.)

Follow this giant link to unlock the key to archival adventures and see what the heck I was writing about, oh-so-many years ago...

Thank you again for visiting and maybe stop by down the road. Maybe we'll do something interesting someday.





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