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World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade expansion trailer and details

Oh golly.  (Yes, I said "golly".. don't know why.)  New info dropped into my mailbox this morning from Andre at WoW Guru about the new trailer that's been released for World of Warcraft!  For now, their site's being fairly well slaughtered by what must be hundreds of thousands of people roaming around searching for morsels of info about the WoW expansion coming up called The Burning Crusade.  You can get the WoW Guru stuff here:

 I'll try to find other mirrors if they keep getting hammered so bad, but I want them to get a good run of traffic from here since they dropped this news to me in the first place. You can also go to the official Burning Crusade site to get more.

(check out a feature list and more info after the jump...)


My Druid is interesting again!

World of Warcraft version 1.8 has gone live and brings with it, much Druid love.  I try to avoid talking about stuff like this too much around here, since it's even more focus on a game whose huge-ness is plenty huge on its own.   I prefer talking about the smaller games and communities more, which I'll get back to soon... for now, I have to say that my Druid will get a visit from me tonight!

 Not THAT kind of visit, pervert!  I'm talking about a glass of scotch and a cigar.. that type of visit.  Well, there will be killing of beasts, too, no doubt.  That goes without saying.

 At any rate, I am VERY stoked to give the other talent trees a whirl besides restoration.  If you're a Druid pre-1.8, or any of the guilds who recruited Druids to be heal-bots, you know what I'm saying when I allude to the fervor that will soon surround our beloved class.  There are a lot of folks who will be crying "foul" at the loss of such a huge number of healing 'toons to the very alluring world of feral exploits. 

 However, what do you expect??  We chose this class due to the flexibility of it and the (gasp) shapeshifting is a big part of that.  Now that the one tree I wanted to adopt all along has become viable, you have to understand my desire to re-spec.  I may come back to healing later, but Innervate will have to wait.  I want to scratch and claw and bite, baby! 

Okay... enough of that blabbery.  I'll get off this microphone so you can get back to your day. 

TinyWarz Goes Live

Thanks to Vladimir from MobRule Studios for dropping a note about their new browser-based 2D strategy game, TinyWars.  Support the indies and get your butt over there now, eh?

TinyWarz Goes Live!

Mobrule Studios is proud to announce that Tinywarz has gone Live! We would also like to give a big thank-you to everyone who participated in the Beta Test - many balance issues and bugs have been resolved with your help. Additional changes have been made during the Beta, including the addition of new Faction planets - where factions can battle for the control of a world.

Players can join the battle at

TinyWarz is an online, browser-based, 2D strategy game where players battle each other and computer controlled bandits on distant worlds. Time is an important factor in TinyWarz - players are given a limited amount of time to finish their turns and are rewarded for early completion.

In Tinywarz, players can can create an army, construct / customize units, assign crews, design bases, and battle to control planets. Watch your hired crews improve in combat and select special abilities for your command crew as they gain experience. Grow your army with salvaged units or buy them from other players through the in-game market.

World of Warcraft Guru opens Player Movie section

Why write something of my own when it comes into my mailbox so clean and purty?...

Thursday August 25, 2005 - World of Warcraft Guru, a leading online database
and resource website dedicated to World of Warcraft as opened its free
movie hosting service to the public.

Players can upload or transfers their movies for free to WoW Guru and
allow other players to download, rate, and comment on them. Several
categories are available for authors to post in, giving the user easy
access to find whatever they need.


Age of Darkness website launches

Age of Darkness, Game-Arena Entertainment’s first multi-platform development title that is slated for release some time in the second quarter of 2006, officially opened its website’s doors today and announced that they will be giving away Alpha accounts to 15 lucky community members.

Check out the new info and screenshots at

Irth Online Starts Beta 3

 Irth Online is ready for another round of beta testing as they move into the third iteration.  Of note for a lot of readers will likely be the inclusion of artistic assets from the cancelled Mutable Realms game, Wish.  (BTW, here's an article pondering What Went Wrong with Wish.)  Since the game (Irth Online) is slated for launch in "mid-September", this is to be the final beta if all goes well.  I need to get my butt in there to check it out, but maybe others can chime in about their experiences?  Go ahead, register and post a comment if you want!

Read more for the full press release...

World of Warcraft 14-day demo on PC Gamer disc

Word on the street -- well, on the MMORPC mail list -- is that the September 2005 PC Gamer magazine disc includes the full client for World of Warcraft.  The version is said to be at 1.4, so there will be maybe 70MB of downloads to patch it up to current.  This is a great chance for folks to try out the game if you haven't wanted to shell out the dough for the box at your preferred retail establishment.  This will be a fairly limited 14-day account, but still a great introduction to the game.  The limitations don't appear to me to cause much trouble in terms of a demo, but include 10 gold limit, level 20 cap and no access to the Auction House, to name a few.  Not too bad.

Make sure you have a DVD drive in that new-fangled computer machine box of yours.  With all that space to fill, they've also dropped on the disc a demo of Dungeon Siege II.  That's nice. 

Shot Online realtime golf game launches

Well, I really came close to my first goofy headline like "Shot Online tees off" or "Shot Online tee time", etc... I don't play golf much, so my lingo vocabulary just wouldn't allow me to venture any further into that unknown territory. I'm sure you're happy about that.

At any rate, the news is that OnGameNet has launched their very intriguing Shot Online realtime online golf game! Very cool. I've seen discussion of this elsewhere, notably on Penny Arcade.. but that's not the link to their comments... whooo no, I'm not that efficient (couldn't find it). However, here's a page on the OnGameNet site with bits of news and quotes, including some P-A comments that I'm alluding to.

Yummy quote of the day for all you cheapskates out there: "While these online games are commercialised, they will still remain free to play, only requiring a small payment if you wish to purchase special items in the game." The "these games" bit is addressed in the following release, but it alludes to their upcoming Cartoon Racer game and the successful Ragnarok Online.

I'm still workin' on getting in there to try it out, but innovative games like these need immediate and enthusiastic support... after all, you'll be the ones to decide what ya think of them anyway. Just get over there to see what it's all about. You can also read more here to see the full press release...

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