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shadow of legend

SOL is an amazing 2.5D free MMORPG game. There are 4 different races human, elf, dwarf, orc. and four different jobs i.e. archer, combatant, mage, monk .Among them each of them have 4 different jobline.so totally making 16 ways to choose skill of our choices. How powerful!!!:lol: plus point of sol is that u can set it up at auction and go on levelling.. Every character can search through the list and buy what he wants if he likes the prices the player quotes What impressed me a lot is that SOL has an in built gps system..my character chooses the smallest possible way to fulfill tasks, easy as it leaves the trouble of finding a way to that location. This save me a lot of time. haha Each and every character is made for PVP. Hence the advantage of any other character is completely dependent on equipment and player’s level. In SOL I can gather material through survival skills and make my own equipment The environment is highly friendly. What I like most is that I can achieve interaction with other players in many ways. I can chat with other players, group together for quests, form guilds, initiate mentor relationships, trade/sell equipment, and other cool activities. It is easy to see which of your friends are online at any time, using the built-in interface. Here is the link for you guys to check: http://www.shadowoflegend.com/.

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My new game and share the experience of the first 3 days lol

I started to play shadow of legend (I don’t know whether anyone more knows about it or not) the day before yesterday. Yes, I have played it for only 3 days and I’m a little mage now^^ (I always choose a mage to go into the game for the first time ) I think this game gives us the chance to hook up with others online in a dark world dominated by dragons, beasts, and endless bloody battles. You can go head-to-head with other humans, explore new areas, chat with online players and even collaborate with them in order to defeat the enemy. And I have a deep impression on an issue. Yesterday when I was doing my quests to kill the related monsters, I saw the NPC beside me killing the monsters too!! When the monster went away, the NPC ran after it. Hahn, he helped me LOL yes, for me, it’s interesting - -/// Sonically, the game does well too and has some amusing backing tracks and sound effects. Although I’m new there, I feel quite happy in the game. Once I have problems, other players there are very kind to help me. At the moment, I know why I like it very much for the experience of just 3 days. Yes, the most cause is that it’s a warm game community. Mostly anyone there is so willing to help the newbie. I'm enjoying every bit of the game. Furthermore, it’s said that the game is going 2.5D weeks later in October; I can’t wait to see what would come out of it.

Me and My SOL

By accident, I was led to an MMORPG called shadow of legend, a 2D free to play fantasy game, was hailed for its exciting features. Since I started quite early, I’ve seen people come and people go. It’s nothing strange about this, not at all, especially when you do something new. I could well understand the challenge facing the devs, and I appreciate the effort they put into to honor their promise. Lately they are announcing on their website that 2.5D Version is being made, and it’s scheduled to release by the end of September 2008. I believe that 2D Shadow of Legend on PC is good enough right now, and how it would be for its 2.5D version, I’m really expecting and keeping an eye on it..
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