Some tips to enjoy games more fantastically

Being a role player in the game likes being a screen actor in the movie. I dream of being a movie actor since childhood despite conditions` constraits. Then I got to know and enjoy something in common between games and movies: live characters, magic ?beautiful and spectacular story scenes, addictive plots, wonderful musics etc., something like that. Moreover, some tips in common to enjoy being a role better both in the movies and in the games. they go as below:
1. Forget the one who you are before the computer and to be whom you are in the game during games` time. At that time, just to feel, to listen to, to talk to, even to quarrel to, then you will be fixed to the role;
2.Cherish your role, to treat them better
Like taking care of kids better brings you less troubles, treating your characters like treating yourself makes the roles more enjoyable;
3.Strengthen your character as skillfully and quickly as possible
To save your time and money or even energy on the characters` improvement. Supporting golds or employing powerleveling service  frequently may be one of your choices. Frankly speaking, when getting trap into circle with fighting a difficult battle repeatedly,  I do that either. At first, like most players, I chosed those well-known and super website to purchase golds and PL service. Then I got to doubt, now that there are so many websites offering such kind of service, and many are small among these websites but just succeed in their survivals, so there should be some small websites asking for lower price, then I took some time to search many and found some, for example,, They often offer lower price and keep my belief on them for service delivery. However, I referred to them here just for your consideration. Because it is impossible for me to go through all relevant websites, although I`ve tried to compare most of them, I think!
4.Decorate your characters more beautifully or uniquely.
Cute or special roles can make you feel proud of them, or even enhance your confidence in creating, acting, playing and taking care of them!