Mass email fun

Oh wonderful day.  I sent out a mass-mailing to all the old forum users in hopes of getting them (you?) to set up new accounts with this system instead... I'm getting reports that the auto-mailer thing didn't BCC addresses, but instead pasted them out in the open.  Not cool.

 Seriously.  Not cool.

 I'm very sorry about that, but tests I ran before doing the Big Mailing didn't appear to have any problems like that.  I hope this doesn't cause any problems other than the initial justified grumblings.  That type of thing really pisses me off, so I don't want to make those errors myself.

 At any rate, hopefully everyone who wants into the new system will find their way here and get signed up.  Thanks for visiting!


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Happens to the best of us. Get this, it happened to an administrator of a conference:- about privacy! she got a mention in the keynote, of course.

Dang. I get email from


I get email from press folks all the time that mess up stuff like this.  I know I'm not alone, but it's lame to be on the delivering end of a mistake like this.  Your consoling is appreciated, though!  :)  lol 

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